Cysts & Tumors


Dr. Rothman and Dr. Kim evaluate, diagnose and treat the full spectrum of cysts and tumors in and around the jaw and structures of the teeth.

These include benign tumors and cysts, which are non-cancerous; those that are aggressive and growing, with the potential to become cancerous; and tumors that are malignant, meaning that they are cancerous. Our oral and maxillofacial surgeons also treat oral cancer, severe infections of the oral cavity, salivary glands, jaw and neck, and will often work with other seasoned professionals to assist in getting our patients the best care possible.

Because the mouth and jaws are composed of many different types of tissues, such as bone, muscle, glands and mucosa (the tissue that covers the cheeks, lips and gums), they are more susceptible to developing abnormal growths than other parts of the body.

Although tumors and cysts of the jaw can affect anyone, a number of risk factors have been identified that increase a person’s chance of developing them. The main risk factors are tobacco and alcohol use. Others include poor oral hygiene, irritation caused by ill-fitting dentures, rough surfaces on teeth and poor nutrition.

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