Laser and Radio Frequency


The laser and radio frequency work by delivering energy in the form of light, or electricity. When used for surgical procedures, the energy acts as a cutting instrument for the tissue that it comes in contact with, thus eliminating the need for dental drills and other instruments. Wounds heal faster and tissues can regenerate.

We currently use these systems in our office on a daily basis. According to personal experience, Dr. Rothman and Dr. Kim patients are more comfortable have less post-operative complications, bleeding, pain or infection; when the this technology is properly utilized. Often treatment can be completed using little injections.

Laser and radio frequency technology equips Dr. Rothman and Dr. Kim perform a full range of laser procedures – from soft tissue (gums) and hard tissue (bone). These procedures include:

  • Oral Biopsies
  • Implant procedures
  • Extractions
  • Treatment of canker sores and aphthous ulcers
  • Exposure of unerupted teeth
  • Frenectomy
  • Periodontal procedures (crown lengthening, reduction of periodontal pockets)
  • Hemostasis (There is much less bleeding when a laser is used.)
  • Treatment of abscesses
  • Apicoectomies
  • Mucoceole removal
  • Vestibuloplasty

Ninety-seven percent of patients who experience laser treatment would recommend it to their family and friends.

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